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Home » Review » DSS3/DTS3 Static Active Three Phase Watt-hour Meter
Static Active Three Phase Watt-hour Meter

Static Active Three Phase Watt-hour Meter

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our static active three phase watt-hour meter employs large scale integrated circuit and SMT technology. It quite meets the technical specifications of IEC 61036-2002.

Electric energy can be transformed into various kinds of energy. For example, electric energy can be converted into heat energy through electric stoves; electric energy can be changed into mechanical energy through electrical machines; electric energy can be transformed into luminous energy through electric lights. In transformation process, our static active three phase watt-hour meter is responsible to record electric energy.

Huayi Electric Co., Ltd. is a primary static active three phase watt-hour meter manufacturer located in China. Our primary products include wind turbine generators, circuit breakers, static active three phase watt-hour meters, indoor vacuum circuit breakers, and load break switches.

All our products are KEMA, GOST, CCC, TUV, WTGS and GB certified, and widely exported to more than thirty countries, such as Germany, the United Stated, Russia, Iran, South Africa, Argentina, etc.

For further information about static active three phase watt-hour meters or any of our other products, please contact Huayi Electric Co., Ltd. via email or phone available on this website.

Thank you very much for visiting our website!

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